The Extra Costs of Selling Your House Traditionally

Traditional selling processes include numerous extra costs that are unnecessary for homeowners. If you wish to sell your house for cash in Charlotte, NC fastly, you should avoid a traditional selling approach. 

Homebuyers can facilitate the selling process of your house. Avoiding annoying steps from a traditional selling process is possible. Make the comparison yourself; take a look at some of the extra costs you’ll be avoiding when you use a home buying company. 

Repairs & Maintenance 

It’s expected that your house deteriorates over time. You’ll need to provide maintenance to various parts of your home with a traditional house selling method with deterioration. It’s impossible to put your house on sale without the proper repairs and maintenance. Improvements and upgrades are a must if you want to compete with the other thousands of properties listed. 

Repairs and maintenance can represent a large sum of money for the seller. Homeowners tend to forget how expensive selling a house can be. Depending on the issue’s severeness, you can have costs from hundred to even thousands of dollars. To make it all worse, you’ll need to wait until all repairs and maintenance are correctly done to start the selling process. 

No one is willing to buy a house that looks old and ugly. Severe deterioration is a deal-breaker for any potential buyer. So there’s no way you’ll be able to avoid this extra cost if you use traditional methods. 

Closing Fees

You’re finally about to complete the sale of your house, and you’re excited about the money. Still, you suddenly remember you need to pay a closing fee. Closing costs are usually three to four percent of your selling price. That means that if you sell your house for $200,000, your closing costs would be around $6000. 

Some people might think $6000 is not a lot of money. Still, people that desperately need liquidity do find it as a large amount of money. The fact that you can avoid this fee should be enough incentive to do so. Home buyers can take care of closing fees without charging you a single penny. 

Real Estate Agents Services & Commission

When you choose to work with a real estate agent, you’re need to prepare to spend money on multiple extra costs. These additional costs include their services, commissions, and others. Sure, real estate agents are valuable to help you navigate through a traditional real estate process. But their strategy is inefficient and wasteful when you compare it to a homebuyer’s process.

Home buyers won’t charge you to look for potential buyers because they’re interested buyers. Listing your house on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) can easily take three months. During those three months, you’ll be paying for the services of a real estate agent. But with a home buying company, in just 24 hours, you could sell your house for cash in Charlotte, NC. 

Costs of Looking for Potential Buyers

The costs of looking for potential buyers is more expensive than what you might expect. Marketing your house on different social media platforms or websites such as craigslist becomes costly if you’re unable to find a potential buyer quickly. Suppose you’re also investing in traditional marketing like billboards, tv, or radio. In that case, you’re also adding an unnecessary extra cost to the list. 

People might be looking at your house, but it means nothing if they don’t reach to you showing real interest. The problem with looking for potential buyers is that you’re not targeting an interested buyer most of the time. When you choose a home buying company, you’re targeting the buyer directly. You increase the chances of completing your sale. 

Utility Bills

For homeowners who desperately need to sell their house now, every month counts. Every month you’re not able to sell your home; it represents another month of utility bills that you probably can’t afford anymore. Or in the case of people with financial problems such as debts or tax issues, it means more accumulated interest to pay in the future.

Sell Your House With No Extra Costs

If you want to sell your house for cash in Charlotte, NC, without annoying additional costs, we’re the ideal home buyer for you. Here at Opening Doors Properties, we understand how valuable money is. That’s why when you choose us you won’t be wasting any of it. Give us a free call now to get to know more about our inexpensive services. 


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