The sale of your house can represent multiple positive things like a marriage that is moving together, a promotion at your job that allows you to buy a new house, or a relocation to a new city or state.

But the sale of a house sometimes can represent the exact opposite. During these difficult times of the global pandemic, over 22 million people have lost their jobs. Most of these people were forced to sell their houses but were not able to find a buyer because of various factors:

The crisis itself – with a global crisis still going on, there aren’t many potential buyers on the market. With 22 million people unemployed and social distancing, opportunities of selling have been limited.

Costs & Fees – Selling a house is not all profits. It involves several costs from maintenance and repairing to get your house ready to hit the market. If you are using a realtor or a real estate agency, you’ll need to add some extra and expensive fees to your costs. 

Long Process: selling a house is an extensive and lengthy process, and it doesn’t help anyone who’s in need to sell their house with urgency. The sale of a house involves numerous legal paperwork, research & marketing, preparing open houses and showings, listing your house, and last-minute repairments. 

All the things mentioned above are not only tedious but also expensive—two of the things that people don’t have to spare in a time of crisis.

Marketing: A part of the process that is almost inevitable is your marketing. Is nearly impossible to sell a house without marketing, at least with traditional methods. And marketing can involve time and money too as it exists in a very competitive and aggressive market such as real estate. But in today’s world, there’s a service that could save you all these troubles.

Home Buying Companies

Selling a house doesn’t need to be that complicated. Home buying companies are professional, experienced, and reliable companies like Opening Doors Properties that can facilitate this tedious process for you.

At Opening Doors Properties we buy houses precisely as they are. Your house is most likely to not be in perfect shape, and most prospective buyers wouldn’t make an offer. But we can make you an offer without asking you to waste your money on expensive last-minute repairments. And did we mention we also pay in cash?

We Pay With Cash

Liquidity is one of the most critical financial and market features. During a time of crisis, it is essential for surviving and having options for your future. Selling your house for cash gives you the flexibility of investing your money as soon as you have it. We can pay you in as little as 7 days.

We will visit your property and always aim to give you the fairest price we can. The best thing is that there’s no pressure for you to decide right away. We encourage you to sit down and think through this offer. The process only starts once you’re entirely sure of your decision, and we close our deal.

Close the Deal Quickly 

Opening Doors Properties pays cash for your house, so if cash equity and liquidity are a priority for you, home buyers are ideal for you.

If you urgently need to sell your property but still want to be able to get a great deal and in cash, stop wasting more of your time and resources with a traditional method. Contact Opening Doors Properties, and you’ll be able to close the deal with us and start investing your cash in your new priorities.

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