Methods to Sell Your House in Charlotte, NC

Unlike most people who would have thought some months ago, the real estate market remains firm in Charlotte, NC. As a consequence of COVID-19, most financial institutions have lowered their interest rates, and in a long time, we’ve seen short-selling home selling transactions.

According to Zillow, typically through the traditional home selling method of listing websites, a house in the United States takes around 65 and 93 days. However, in recent months homes have been sold in approximately 22 days. There was a moment where there was a low inventory of homes for sale. But after seeing the success rates and adapting to the new way of living and virus prevention practices, more sellers are deciding to put their homes up for sale.

In research from Zillow from early August, home sales set new records; in some fast-moving and large markets, homes were on the market for four days. However, new listings are 13.2% lower than a year ago. Let’s take a look at the behavior of newly pending listings in Charlotte, North Carolina:

Source: Zillow Weekly Market Report | August 8, 2020

The numbers might encourage you to sell your home now. But before you decide on the way of selling, you need to acknowledge the different methods available to sell your house in Charlotte, North Carolina. In this article, we are going to review 4 of them.

4 Home Selling Methods

Method #1: For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO)

For sale by owner, aka FSBO can be tricky when not having enough free time. Several homeowners decide to sell their house on their own to save money on commissions and fees. However, in FSBO, you still have to subscribe and purchase memberships from influential listing websites, and without experience, it’s easier to make mistakes. 

Some of the FSBO websites where no registration fee is required are Zillow and Craigslist. Social Media has also become a way of FSBO and great alliances nowadays. Facebook alone has over 2.7 million monthly active users in the United States. 

Method #2: Real Estate Agencies

Selling with the help of a real estate agent is the most popular home-selling method. If you’re not in a rush to sell your house in Charlotte, an experienced realtor can help. Real estate agents study the market and have subscriptions on several popular home listing websites. The assistance comes with a price; usually, they charge a 6% commission from the sale.

Method #3: Selling to Real Estate Wholesalers

Real Estate Wholesalers act as intermediaries between cash buyers and sellers. They usually work with a low-profit margin and can offer a good opportunity to sell fast. By trading with the help of real estate wholesalers, you can save money on repairs.

Method #4: Selling to Homebuyer Company

Homebuyer companies offer a different approach and can be beneficial, especially to those homeowners whose main priority is selling fast. Whether it’s because they are facing financial difficulties, need to move soon, have an inherited house they can’t afford to maintain, and many other reasons. 

A Fast & Easy Way to Sell Your House in Charlotte, NC

Opening Doors Properties is the best home buying company in Charlotte, NC. We recommend you review all your options and to request an offer from us to compare all options. 

We have been leading the real estate market for the easy and fast solutions we offer to our clients. Our goal is to make all homeowners’ lives easier and stress-free. Among the many advantages you get from selling your Charlotte home to Opening Doors Properties are:

  • Not having to pay for repairs and cleanup
  • Not having to perform appraisals 
  • Not having to hire a lawyer and create a financing contingency contract
  • Not having to pay for closing costs
  • Not having to wait three months to find the perfect buyer
  • Not having to pay for agent commissions or hidden fees
  • Not having to deal with intermediaries
  • Get paid in cash, in as little as seven days

You can request an offer from Opening Doors Properties at any time; we’re usually able to get back with a no-obligation cash offer within 24 hours. We’re here for you, ready to answer all questions and help you sell your house in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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