How You Can Sell Your House Fast & With Zero Costs in Charlotte, NC

When selling a house in Charlotte, NC, or any other city, there are usually many costs involved. However, unlike most would think, there are tricks to skip extra expenses, sell fast, and get a reasonable price for your home.

Opening Doors Properties is an experienced home buyer company in Charlotte, NC. We’ve been leading the market for years and seen how sellers make mistakes when selling their houses through the traditional home selling method. In this article, we’re going to share some zero cost tricks you can do to sell your home faster in Charlotte, NC, and get higher profit margins.

Five Zero Cost Tricks To Sell Your Home Faster

Trick #1: Clean & declutter your home

Place yourself in the buyer’s shoes; imagine what they’d like to see and how their taste could be. Clean and declutter your home by rearranging furniture and taking out all the things you aren’t using. Open the windows, allow as much natural light as possible. The more illuminated, the bigger the spaces will look.

Experienced real estate agents learn about interior design and have a better understanding of the average tastes and tendencies people are looking for. Before you decide to paint walls, check if it’s possible to get them clean, you can do it by yourself and your family to save money.

Trick #2: Add plants, place the table, make it cozy

Stage your home by placing the table, add ornaments to make it a cozy place, and open for families. Add plants or flowers from outside; you can put fresh fruits in the kitchen counter, etc. Staging your home makes it easier for potential buyers to envision what it would be like to live in the house. 

Trick #3: Take your time to take good looking photos

You have cleaned, decluttered, and staged your home. It’s time for nice looking photos. Take photos and details of all the spaces, use the special functions like portrait mode or live focus on smartphones for the details. You can also use phone applications to improve the lighting of the photos.

Trick #4: Post on social media

Social media is a powerful tool to access millions of people. Facebook alone, according to statistics, has over 2.7 million monthly active users in the United States. Publish your home in the Marketplace, on your wall, groups, etc. 

Trick #5: Try selling on your own

Sell on your own; there are many FSBO listing websites with high traffic like Zillow. Selling on your own might delay the selling time a little bit, especially when not having experience; however, it’ll save you money in commissions and other fees real estate agents charge.

Bonos Trick or Tip: Review Different Options

Review different options, get several offers, interview at least 2 or 3 real estate agents, and ask all as many questions as possible. Setting your expectations and being clear of what you’re being offered from the start is essential for any financial transaction.

Also, evaluate other non-traditional home selling methods like selling to a homebuyer. At Opening Doors Properties, we provide a unique opportunity to home sellers looking for a quick and easy home selling option.

How Opening Doors Properties Works

Since buying houses is our way of living, we have enough equity to purchase properties without intermediaries. Having capital reduces the waiting time to days, compared to the traditional home selling method, where it can take as much time as three months, sometimes more. 

We provide free and no-obligation cash offers. When you submit your information, one of our team members will evaluate your property and prepare a written proposal, we don’t charge commissions or fees, and you’re free to back out from the offer we make. However, if you do accept it, you’ll experience one of the fastest-selling options available in Charlotte, NC. 

In as little as seven days, you could be getting your cash without worrying about hiring a lawyer or paying closing costs. Opening Doors Properties also helps you save money in repairs or cleaning; we don’t mind the condition of your house, not even if it requires extensive repairs or if there’s old furniture you no longer want. We take care of it all. 


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