5 Easy Ways to Sell Your Home in Charlotte, NC

Selling your home fast can help you save money and move on with your life. According to Zillow, despite the pandemic, homes have been sold much quicker this year compared to two years ago. 

Typically a house in Charlotte, NC, and other cities stay on the market for an extended period of 65 to 93 days. However, in the second week of June of this year, most homes remained on the market for 22 days. At the moment, different factors help faster home sales, like the low mortgage rates and overall low listings inventory. 

Although context will influence how fast you’re able to sell your home, you can take action to make the process more efficient and quicker. Let’s review five easy ways to sell your home in Charlotte, NC:

1. Hire An Experienced Real Estate Agent

A licensed and experienced real estate agent will more likely be able to sell your home fast in Charlotte, NC. They’ll better understand the market and advise you on the steps to take to speed up the process. More influential agencies also have more access to listing sites, where properties can get thousands of views. 

2. Selling to Real Estate Wholesalers

Real Estate wholesalers work as the intermediary between several cash buyers and a seller. Usually, this process is much faster than the traditional home listing process. Typically the price offered for your home will be below market; however, on the other hand, sellers save money in repairs and other expenses due to the speedy sale method. 

3. Changing the Mortgage Owner

Some mortgages are transferable, depending on the contract’s policies. If you have someone willing to assume your mortgage and your bank allows it, it could be an option to step out of debt. Some homeowners that use this method stay at the house and rent it from the new owner. 

4. Reducing The Price

Reducing the price of your home way below the market, although it may not be ideal, can help sell it faster. Some homeowners are struggling financially and can’t keep waiting to find the right buyer and end up lowering their selling price. 

Within reducing the price, in real estate, there’s a phenomenon called “short sale,” where the house is sold for a lower price than the amount owed on the mortgage. We don’t recommend going straight to a short sale, this should be your last resource, after studying and comparing other options. 

5. Selling to a Homebuyer 

Like wholesalers, when you sell your home to a homebuyer, you’re not required to make repairs. However, a homebuyer doesn’t act as an intermediary because they are the actual buyer. 

Homebuyers are the easiest way to sell your home in Charlotte, NC, without having to wait or go through the struggle of the traditional home selling process. They work with their own money, cover most expenses like repairs and closing costs, don’t charge commissions or fees, and pay you in cash within days after accepting their offer. 

Opening Doors Properties – Easy & Stress-Free Transactions

Opening Doors Properties is an experienced homebuyer in Charlotte, North Carolina. We can provide you with the easiest way to sell your home. Whether you’re struggling financially or you want to skip the hustle of the traditional home selling process. Our simple methodology allows you to get paid in as little as seven days. We have enough equity to purchase your property, regardless of the physical location and condition. 

By selling fast, you’ll be saving on taxes, utilities, maintenance, and more. Opening Doors Properties is committed to helping Charlotte residents; our team will answer any questions and guide you on why we are your best option with no obligation.

Additionally, you can forget about making repairs, cleaning or removing old furniture, making appraisals, or financing contingencies. We make it as easy as possible to create stress-free transactions for our clients. You deserve to make your home selling process a positive experience, and whether you decide or not to sell with us, we’ll go above and beyond to make you feel confident about your decision. 

A Simple 4 Steps Process

Our process is simple and consists of four basic steps. The first step is to send us the information about your home; the 2nd is when we review it to make sure it meets our buying criteria. Then we make a formal written cash offer, and the fourth step is closing with a local and reputable title company. 


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